Preventive Maintenance

Are you looking for an honest, dependable and reliable heating and air-conditioning company? If the answer is yes, then look no further.  Our qualified service technician team can service all makes and model furnaces, gas packs, air-conditioners, and heat pumps. Preventative maintenance contracts are also available.

Help to maximize efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment by calling our office and scheduling a semi-annual preventative maintenance service. Free estimate on unit replacement is available.

Our technicians will perform the following preventative maintenance service on your unit(s).

Heat Pump
•    Freon charge
•    Filters
•    Indoor & outdoor coils
•    Electrical connections
•    Incoming voltage
•    Compressor & fan amps
•    Defrost controls & sensors
•    Lockout controls
•    Back up heat
•    Overloads & safety
•    Thermostat
•    Indoor & outdoor fan motors
•    Belt (if applicable)

Gas Furnace/Gas Pack
• Filters
• Blower wheel
• Belts (if applicable)
• Gas pressure
• Burners
• Thermo couple
• Ignition control
• Venting
• Condensate drains
• Pressure switches
• Electronic controls
• Thermostat

• Freon
• Filters
• Indoor coils
• Outdoor/indoor fan motor

PRICING – Preventative Maintenance Contracts
Heat Pump, Gas and A/C Units

Basic Preventative Maintenance Contracts

# of UnitsCost minus discountTotals
Two$320.00 - $20$300.00
Three$480.00 - $40$440.00
Four$640.00 - $60$580.00

Premium Preventative Maintenance Contracts

# of UnitsCost minus discountTotals
Two$420.00 - $20$400.00
Three$630.00 - $40$590.00
Four$840.00 - $60$780.00

Cost on parts and labor are not included with preventative maintenance contract.  All contract customers will receive a 20% discount on parts and labor.  This contract does not cover call back diagnostic checks 30 days after the date of service.